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Legal Franca Lawyers Directory

The Legal Franca Lawyer Directory (featured on ClearPointLaw.com) contains profiles of practicing attorneys, optimized to generate new referrals. The directory is also integrated with our heavily used information resources such as the Black-Belt Legal Guide® and the Clear-Point Law Dictionary.

It connects you with prospective clients as they do their initial research. Best of all, creating a profile is FREE. If you are a private practice attorney, please publish you profile (or claim it if it exists) and maximize the impact of this important resource.

How do I create or claim my Legal Franca profile?

Publishing (or claiming) your Legal Franca profile is simple. Begin by downloading the PDF Lawyer's Profile Form and saving it to your computer. Then --

  1. Complete the Lawyer's Profile Form as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Attach an image file of your professional headshot (.jpg format preferred) to an email along with the completed form.
  3. Email both to Legal Franca publishing. The address is on the Lawyer's Profile Form.

To ensure accuracy, your profile will be individually processed by our staff. Please contact us with your questions or comments.